Big Integer

A big integer (BIGINT) is an 8-byte integer SQL data type.

Host Variable Formats

OpenESQL and DB2 ECM
01 bigint1      PIC S9(18)  COMP-3.
01 bigint2      PIC S9(18)  COMP-5.
01 bigint3      PIC X(8)    COMP-5.
01 bigint4      PIC X(8)    COMP-X.
In non-COBOL applications, a BIGINT data type can hold a value larger than PIC S9(18). If you define your host variable for a COBOL data time with a value larger than S9(18), your data might be truncated.
OpenESQL JVM Managed Runtime
In addition to the definitions valid OpenESQL, the following definition is also valid for the OpenESQL JVM Managed Runtime:
01 bigint5     binary-double.