Working with Stored Procedures

Important: Any machine on which a COBOL stored procedure is executed must have a Micro Focus Enterprise Server or COBOL Server product installed and licensed. Contact SupportLine for more information.

To get a stored procedure up and running:

  1. To set up the initial environment, see Configuring the Environment for Developing RDBMS Applications on UNIX
  2. Code and prepare a stored procedure. See the topic Writing and Preparing Stored Procedures for instructions.
  3. Code and prepare an application that calls the stored procedure. An SQL statement, CALL, in that application must use the same parameter list and linkage convention as the stored procedure that it invokes. For instructions, see Writing and Preparing Applications to Use Stored Procedures.
  4. Define your stored procedure to the DB2 LUW Server by issuing a CREATE PROCEDURE command, which places a row in the appropriate system table(s). See Defining Stored Procedures under DB2 LUW for details.
  5. Compile and link your stored procedure. See Compiling and Linking Stored Procedures under DB2 LUW for details.
  6. Test your stored procedure. See Testing Stored Procedures under DB2 LUW for details.