Specifying a List of Custom File Handlers

To specify your a list of custom file handlers, you use the DYNREDIR environment variable, as shown below:

set DYNREDIR=mod1!ep1[:mod2!ep2[:mod3!ep3]]


modn is the module containing a custom file handler
epn is the name of a custom file handler's entry point
Note: Parsing of the DYNREDIR environment variable stops if modn or epn is longer than 30 characters. If this happens, the custom file handler with the name that is longer than 30 characters and any custom file handlers defined after it are ignored.

For example, setting DYNREDIR as shown below specifies three separate file handlers:

set module1!userfh1:userfh2:module3!userfh3

The file handlers specified are:

If a module is configured for a given file handler, that module is loaded during Micro FocusFile Handler initialization.