FS075-W Unable to load the module FSSECLOG - LOGON has been denied.

FSSECLOG is required to validate logon requests to the Fileshare Server by Fileshare Clients. Because one possible cause of this error is that the FSSECLOG module has been removed on purpose, the Fileshare Server does not permit the logon to proceed in this situation.

The Fileshare Client application program has received a 9/037 error status.


Ensure that the module FSSECLOG is available to the Fileshare Server (this can be the FSSECLOG module supplied with the Fileshare system or a user-written one). If the module is available, try making more memory available by reducing the number of other processes or applications running on the machine and ensure that there are enough free file handles available to enable the module to be loaded.

See the chapter Security for more information about the FSSECLOG module.