FS173-I Output- userstatus.

The information displayed is as follows:

user If the Fileshare Client supplied a user name when it logged onto this Fileshare Server then the user name is displayed here. If no user name was supplied, the user number is displayed. The user number is generated when the Fileshare Client logs onto this Fileshare Server. The first Fileshare Client has user-ID 1, the second user-ID 2.
status The error status generated from the result of the requested operation. For normal file I/O operations this is the same format as standard file I/O statuses. Note that this status may not be the status that is returned to the application program. The Fileshare Client uses the status displayed here to do any status conversion necessary (for example, to an RM COBOL status) before returning the status to the application program.

For byte-stream I/O calls and other functions, the code returned to the Fileshare Client is displayed.


No action is required.