Supervisor Mode

In order to use the password-restricted functions of Fileshare Manager, a supervisor password must be defined (see the section Fileshare Manager in the chapter Advanced Operation).

To define a supervisor password, an entry must be made in the password file using the reserved user-ID, FSVIEW. Note that the user-ID FSVIEW must be entered in upper case.

If you are already using Fileshare Password Security, simply add the FSVIEW entry to your existing file.

If you are not using Fileshare Password Security, you can create a password file that contains a single entry, the FSVIEW user-ID. This defines a supervisor password without enabling Fileshare Password Security.


The following example defines a supervisor password of "abracadabra" in the password file password.fil. If the file does not exist, it is created.

fs /pf password.fil /u FSVIEW /pw abracadabra

Once you have defined a supervisor password, you must specify the password file, either in the Fileshare Server configuration file, or on the command line when the Fileshare Server is started.


If FSVIEW is the only entry in the password file, the Fileshare Server displays a message indicating that Fileshare Password Security is disabled, even though a password file has been specified.