A_ODBC_USE_SPACE_IN_DATES configuration variable

Some ODBC drivers require spaces when sending dates or time stamps to the data source. For data sources that require spaces between the d and the quote ('), set the configuration variable A_ODBC_USE_SPACE_IN_DATES.

For example:

Set MYDATE={d '1999-3-20'}

(note that there is a space between d and ' )

Setting the A_ODBC_USE_SPACE_IN_DATES configuration variable to “1” causes the Database Connectors for ODBC product to use syntax as above, instead of:

Set MYDATE={d'1999-3-20'}

(note that there is not a space between d and ' )

Keep in mind that it is possible that all data sources may allow a space between the d and the ', and that it is always safe to set this variable.

The default value is 0 (or OFF, FALSE, or NO). This configuration variable can also take values of 1 (ON, TRUE, or YES).

For example: