Restriction: This topic applies only when a Database Connectors license has been installed via the Micro Focus License Management System.

Security is implemented in the Oracle RDBMS. A user is required to log in to the RDBMS before any file processing can occur. The Connector provides both a default and a user-configurable method for implementing this. Oracle's security considerations pose several challenges for COBOL programmers. Because of the various levels of permissions, certain operations are not allowed unless you have database administrator (DBA) privileges. These restricted operations include:

Oracle versions 9i and later also provide additional security levels; however, you must consult the Oracle documentation to determine if any of these permission levels are appropriate for your site.

Generally, it is best for someone with DBA privileges to create and drop the tables, allowing others only the permissions to process information contained in them. A table can be referenced either by owner.table_name or by a public synonym that you have created for the table. See the Oracle documentation for more details on DBA privileges and public synonyms.

Note: By default, Database Connectors always checks to see if a public synonym is available for a file at open time, regardless of what USER_PATH is set to. If the name of a table owned by a current user is the same as a public synonym, the user-owned table is chosen.