Entering Text on Menus

Several of the Character Animator menus require you to enter text. In all cases, on entry to the menu, the previous contents of the field are present. This can be cleared using F2=clear. This key acts as a delete-to-end-field, deleting all characters from the current cursor position to the end of the field. When entering or editing text, the keys <left-arrow>, <right-arrow>, Home, End and Backspace all operate as normal. Insert or overtype mode can also be selected using the Ins key.

Once you have completed a field, pressing Enter confirms your update. If you want to cancel the update, press Escape. Both keys cause exit to a higher level menu if appropriate.

Where a selection of fields is presented, you can use the cursor keys to move up and down the list, and Enter selects the item you want and places it in the input field if appropriate.