Function Access

The following table lists the functions in alphabetical order and indicates the keys you must press to access them. Thus, to determine the path to access a given function, follow the sequence of keystrokes. For example, to reach the Set Breakpoint function, from the Character Animator main menu, you press the Breakpoints key (B) followed by the Set Breakpoint key (S).

Some of these keys are symbolic key names which might not be present on your keyboard.

For the purposes of this table, it is assumed that you are using the cursor to identify data-names rather than keying them in; therefore, a C on the menu access path indicates the selection of a data-name using the cursor. If, however, you are not using the cursor, simply substitute E (Enter name) and the name of your data item for the key C to identify fields.

Function Menu Access Keys
0-9 0-9
Align F3
Alter Path No explicit access
Alternate Alt
Breakpoints B
Cancel All Breakpoints B, C
Cancel Program Break E, P, C
Clear Several
Child Data Q, C, F8
Parent Data Q, C, F7
Cursor-name Locate L, C
Cursor-name Query Q, C or double-click
Cursor-position Reset R, C
Detach from application Esc D
Do D
Do At Breakpoint B, D
Down Table Q, C, F6
Enter Enter
Enter-name Locate L, E
Enter-name Query Q, E
Environment E
Escape Esc
Examine Breakpoints B, E
Exchange F4
Exit Perform P, E
Find String F
Go G
Hex Q, C, F3
Hex/ASCII Q, C, F10
Hide Monitors Q, H
If Breakpoint B, I
Join Text T, J
Look-up F6
Monitor Q, C, F4
Monitor-off Q, M
Next Reset R, N
On Count Breakpoint B, O
Organize Monitors Q, O
Perform-level P
Perform-view P, V
Query Q
Query Data-name Q, C
Quit-perform R, Q
Refresh T, R
Reset-execution R
Same Level Q, C, F9
Scroll Up/Down (continuously) Ctrl+F9/F10
Scroll Up/Down (1 line) Ctrl + <left-arrow>/<right-arrow>
Select Program Break E, P, S
Set Breakpoint B, S
Split Text T, S
Start R, S
Step S
Step Perform P, S
Text TorQ, C, T
This Program Break E, P, T
Thread-local Breakpoint B, T
Un-set Breakpoint B, U
Up Table Q, C, F5
View F2
View Programs E, V
View Threads V
Where F5
Word left F9
Word right F10
Zoom Z
Zoom Breakpoint B, Z