Find String

Finds the next occurrence of a text string in the source program file. You can find a text string in both the main program and copybooks or in just the main program. By default, the Find function searches all files in the program. Once the find is completed, the cursor is positioned at the beginning of the text string located.

The string can be up to 32 characters long and must be entered exactly as written in the source code, using upper- and lower-case letters as appropriate.

If you want to include spaces at the end of the string, enter the spaces and terminate them with a hash mark (#). If you want to find a string in the main program only, enter the string, terminated by a # and an M. The M tells Animator to search just the main file.

If you have previously used the Find function during the current session, the last specified string appears in the prompt field. You can use the Clear function to clear the string, or press Enter to search for the same string again.

The Find function searches forward only from the current cursor position. You cannot find a string that you have already passed.