Invoking the Adis Configuration Utility

To invoke the Adis Configuration utility, enter the command line:


The utility searches for ADISCTRL, first in the current directory and then in the etc sub-directory of your product installation directory. If one exists, the Adis Configuration utility reads in the configuration currently selected for use by Adis. If ADISCTRL does not exist, the following message is displayed on your screen:

adisctrl does not exist - Defaults used

The Adis Configuration utility has a set of default values built into it. These are used if ADISCTRL does not exist.

If the message:

Old style adisctrl found. Converting to new format.

is displayed, the Adis Configuration utility has located an ADISCTRL file from an earlier product. This file is of a different format. However, the Adis Configuration utility can read the old format and convert it. Once files have been converted to the new format, versions of Adis supplied with previous versions of the COBOL system can no longer read them.