Application Options

Global settings that apply to the complete application can be defined under the application options.

One attribute of the application options is Version. At run time, the version of the local AWM model is compared with the version entry in the Master Configuration file. See Master Configuration for more information.

The attributes Start Reference and End Reference are used for parsing variable references. See Variable References for more information. By default these have the values “&” and “.”.

In addition, the tool execution can be controlled from the application options. The maximum return code that the tool can return without its execution being interpreted as “failed” is specified in the attribute MaxRC. Failed tools end with an error message, and prevent the execution of further tools in the tool sequence of the action.

The Root Containers Action attribute can be used to refer to an action which returns the root elements used to build up the first hierarchical view of the application which are visible in the Tree view. The referenced action descriptor must return an element list whose match name property typically references a container element type. See Table Structure for more information.

Attribute Type Description
Cache Elements Boolean Specifies whether AWM elements, elements lists, and column configurations for element lists are cached during application unloading. An application is unloaded when another application is loaded or when the Eclipse workbench is closed.

Default value: True

Default Generic Symbol String The standard wildcard character usually used to match all elements. Generic input fields are automatically filled in with this symbol.  

Default value: *

End Reference [D] String Symbol or character string that should be interpreted as meaning the end of a reference, see above.  

Default value: .

Generic Symbols [O] String Specifies the wildcard characters for a generic search. The characters given here are used to validate generic input fields in dialogs.

The characters can be added via a dialog box opened when you click ....

The characters entered here may depend on the integrated application system.

Independent Affected Resource Contexts Boolean Specifies if the affected resource contexts should be independent from the main context. See Tool-defined Resource Operations for more information.

Default values:

  • true
  • false - for AWM models before ED/VC 3.0
Last Edit Client Version String Version of the AWM client which was used to edit the model in the AWM model editor.
Max RC * Integer Specifies the maximum permitted return code of a tool that is called from the model interpreter.

The tool execution is interpreted as being faulty if this value is exceeded.

Model ID String ID of the model; for internal use only.
Root Containers Action [O] Action Descriptor The referenced action is executed when the application entry in the tree view is expanded by the user in order to retrieve container elements of the first hierarchy level.
Start Reference [D] String Symbol or character string that should be interpreted as meaning the start of a reference.  

Default value: &

Version * String (for example, 1.2.1) Version of the AWM model
Relationship Cardinality Description
Has_Application_Action 0..* Relationship to an action which is assigned to the application
Has_Application_Property 0..* Relationship to a property with application-wide scope
Has_Specific_Attribute 0..4 Relationship to a specific attribute.