Outline View for the AWM Model Editor

The outline structure of an AWM model open in the editor is displayed in the Outline view. The Outline view displays AWM object types that are in the first level beneath the model categories. If AWM model objects are grouped in the editor then the groups are displayed in the Outline view.

By default, the following AWM categories are displayed in the Outline view:

Other categories are filtered out of the outline to keep the view concise. You can change the categories displayed by clicking View Menu, and then clicking the category required.

By default, the Outline view is not linked to the editor. This enables you to navigate through the Outline view without affecting your location in the AWM model editor. Double-clicking an object in the Outline view highlights the corresponding location in the editor.

To link the Outline view with the editor, click View Menu, and then click Link with Editor.

Some editor actions are available from the Outline view. For example, it is possible to edit the properties or delete an AWM model object. Right-click the object in the Outline view, and then click the command required in the context menu.

You can drag and drop or copy & paste model objects from the Outline view to the model editor. For example, you can select several properties in the Outline view and drag and drop them into an element type object in the editor creating Element Type has Property relationships for the element type object.