Using the Docker Demonstrations

Visual COBOL includes a number of Docker demonstrations that illustrate typical uses of Docker with COBOL applications.

These Docker demonstrations include Dockerfiles and related batch/script files to simplify the process of running them, and this documentation contains descriptions of the files that comprise the Docker demonstrations (including detailed descriptions of the Dockerfiles themselves). After running the Docker demonstrations and reading this documentation to help you familiarize yourself with how the demonstrations work you will have all the information you need to enable you to build and use images for use with your own COBOL applications.

The Docker demonstrations are supplied in the file devhub_dockerfiles_5.0_platform.tar which is accessible from the same place that you accessed the Visual COBOL installation file. Unzip devhub_dockerfiles_5.0_platform.tar into a folder of your choice to create a series of folders containing the Docker demonstrations.

Each Docker demonstration includes the following:

See Supplied Docker Demonstrations for information on the Docker demonstrations that are available.