cobutf8 Error Messages

The following error messages may be generated when running your application through the cobutf8 utility:

Could not execute cmdline <cmdline>
cobutf8 could not execute the program specified. Make sure that the syntax is correct and that the specified program exists.
Internal COBUTF8 Error: <error no>
Internal error; contact SupportLine, quoting <error no>.
Locale is not set to UTF-8
The system locale is not set to a UTF-8 locale; a UTF-8 locale is a pre-requisite of the cobutf8 utility.
COBUTF8 not set
The COBUTF8 environment variable is not set; set this variable to a target locale specified in cobutf8.cfg (e.g. COBUTF8=ja_JP.sjis).
Failed to set locale: <locale>. Please set environment variable COBUTF8 to a valid locale
The locale stored in the COBUTF8 environment variable is not supported by the operating system; ensure that COBUTF8 is set to a valid locale.

A list of valid locales can be found in the cobutf8.cfg configuration file - located in $COBDIR/etc/.

To list the supported locales, use the locale -a command. If the one you require is not listed, you can install it using the following command:

localedef -f <locale-name> -i <file-name>

For example:

localedef -f SHIFT_JIS -i ja_JP ja_JP.SJIS
Invalid conversion mapping between <locale1> -> <locale2>
cobutf8 failed to create a conversion mapping between UTF-8 and the target iconv; ensure that a valid iconv entry exists in the cobutf8.cfg configuration file.
Use the iconv -l command for a list of valid iconvs.
Could not map locale <locale> to iconv encoding

The locale specified by the COBUTF8 environment variable does not have a iconv mapping to a valid character set; either set COBUTF8 to a locale specified in the cobutf8.cfg configuration file, or edit the configuration file to adding your own mapping.

Failed to open mapping file: <path>
The cobutf8 utility failed to open the cobutf8.cfg configuration file; ensure that the file is located in $COBDIR/etc/, and that you have read access to the file.