JCL Unit Tests

There are two types of JCL unit test that you can run: a simple unit test that tests the validity of a JCL job card, and a more complex unit test that can query the job output to make test assertions.

The simple, JCL-only unit tests determine whether a JCL job card can successfully be submitted to a particular enterprise server region. There is no separate test code written for this type of test; you simply specify the existing job card (.jcl file) with the relevant -es-* options on the command line. The job is actually submitted to the JES queue, and then depending on the result, a return code is generated and the result of the test is determined.

The second type of test combines COBOL and JCL syntax. It enables you to submit the JCL job card to an enterprise server region, but this time it is done under the control of a COBOL unit test program. The job details can be captured, and then queried within the unit test program to make test assertions. See Using Dynamic Metadata for a list of MFU-MD-JCL-* fields that can be used in the processing of the JCL output.

The Examples topic contains the required command line syntax to run both types of test. Also, source files for running the second type of test are supplied with your product; see JCL Test Case Example for details on how to compile and run it.