Hot Backups

Hot backups enable you to take a backup of your database files and start a new log file without the need to shutdown and restart the Fileshare Server.
Note: Hot backups are only available if you have advanced logging enabled.

You can run a hot backup if the Fileshare server resides on an operating system that supports a snapshot process.

To run a hot backup, you need to:
  • Enable advanced logging for rollforward recovery
  • Be able to run commands in supervisor mode in FSVIEW.
  • Configure the exit procedure (fsexitproc.cbl) to call the snapshot utility

When a hot backup is initiated, Fileshare suspends the start of new transactions, putting these into a hold state until all outstanding requests are processed. When they are complete, control is handed to fsexitproc.cbl, where you can code a command line invocation to your snapshot utility, to back up your data files.

When the snapshot is complete, normal transaction processing resumes.

Note: During the period where the outstanding transactions have been finalized and new transactions are resumed, the server does not communicate with its clients. If this duration is longer than a client CCI-Timeout setting, the client will disconnect from the server; therefore, you may need to increase the setting in a Fileshare Client configuration file to ensure that it does not disconnect while the hot backup is running.