Relationship: File Descriptor Has Action

If the file descriptor is defined as a structured table and the table is part of a modeled dialog, the actions to appear in the table’s context menu can be modeled using the relation between the file descriptor and an action descriptor.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * ActionDescriptor References the action descriptor.
Default_Action [U] Boolean Specifies whether this action should be executed by a double-click on the table item. Only one file descriptor action of a structured table can be declared as the Default_Action.

The default value is false.

Label [O] String Labels the action in the context menu. If no label is stated, the label of the referenced action descriptor is used.
Separator_After Boolean Specifies whether to insert a separating line after the context menu entry.

The default value is false.

Visible Condition [O] Visible_Condition Relationship to a visible condition. The action is only shown in the context menu if the visible condition evaluates to true. See Enabled/Visible Condition for more information.
Enabled Condition [O] Enabled_Condition Relationship to an enabled condition. The action is disabled if the condition is false. See Enabled/Visible Condition for more information.

Tools referenced in the action description can make changes to one or more table rows if the tool descriptor is modeled using ResourceProcessing. See Tool Descriptor for more information.

There are some special restrictions when using the resource operation to modify dialog table rows in comparison to rows in the Table Results view: