Edit Properties Command in the Context Menu

You can open a dialog box displaying the objects' properties directly from the AWM model editor. Right-click on an AWM model object, and then click Edit to open a dialog box that displays the properties of the selected model object. The dialog box displays the same attributes displayed in the objects Properties view.

You can use the Edit command to modify multiple model objects as long as the objects selected have the same attribute values:

  1. Select multiple model objects.
  2. Right-click the selected objects, and then click Edit.
    This opens a dialog box for the objects' properties.
    Note: If the objects' attributes have common values then these are displayed. If the attributes have differing values for the same attribute then no value is displayed and you are unable to modify the value for this attribute.
  3. To change a value, double-click the corresponding value field, and then type the new value.
    Note: Once you have changed the value, the corresponding label is marked with an asterisk (*) to identify which attributes have been changed.
  4. Click OK.

    This applies the change to all the selected AWM model objects selected.