To add JDBC resources to the JVM Build Path

Important: Before performing these steps, ensure that you have reviewed the information in the JDBC Resources topic.
  1. From the COBOL Explorer, right-click the project name; then select Properties.
  2. Expand Micro Focus; then click JVM Build Path.
  3. Select the Libraries tab.
  4. Click Add External JARs.
  5. Add the following JAR files:
    JDBC drivers
    Add the driver file or files required for your database. See JDBC Resources for more information.
    JNDI library
    If using Simple-JNDI:
    • Add simple-jndi-version.jar
    • If you have compressed your file into an archive, add the archive file.

    If using the JNDI implementation on your application server, add any appropriate JNDI .jar files.

    This adds the name and path of each selected external JAR file to the JARs and class folders list. A jar-shaped icon, External JAR file, appears next to each external JAR file entry on the list.

    Note: As an alternative, you can add these same JAR files to a user library, and then add the user library to the JVM Build Path. See To create a user library for JDBC resources for more information.
  6. If using Simple-JNDI and you have elected not to compress your file, click Add External Class Path, and add the path to the file.