Eclipse Resource

The Eclipse function package contains just one linked element type, called Eclipse Resource.

If a label and its decorator have not been explicitly defined then the linked element type Eclipse Resource determines the resource's label to display in the Application Explorer tree view. The resource label is determined, if the 'Tree View Label' attribute in all element has property relationships is set to false. By default, the 'Tree View Label' attribute is set to false in all relationships.

If no text decoration is explicitly modelled, which is the default, then the label and the text decoration is determined by the linked element type Eclipse Resource.

If the resource's label is determined by the linked element type Eclipse Resource, then the resource's label is displayed in the same way as in the Project Explorer view.


The following specific rules apply to the element type Eclipse Resource:

Attribute Description
ID Definition The ID definition of an Eclipse resource must consist of just one string property which contains the Eclipse path to the resource.
Matchname Match name provided by a tool type to identify the type of the Eclipse resource. The following three match names are default:

The tool descriptors Get Resource Children and Get Eclipse Projects provide optional attributes to specify other match names.

Get Children Reference to an action descriptor which contains tools to fetch the dependent files of the given Eclipse linked element (for example, the files contained in an Eclipse folder). The tool descriptor Get Resource Children can be used to retrieve the Eclipse resource children.