Using COBOL Code Templates

Code templates in Eclipse enable you to write programs quickly. Visual COBOL provides code templates for the most commonly used code constructs in native and managed COBOL .

To insert a code template in your program:

  1. In the editor, position the cursor in the code where you want to add the code template.
  2. Either type the name of a code template as defined in the IDE preferences or invoke Content Assist - for example, by pressing Ctrl + Space.

    This opens a list with suggestions for the COBOL keywords and templates that are supported at this place in the program.

  3. While the list is still visible, press Ctrl + Space to filter the suggestions and only show the supported code templates.
  4. Select a template from the list and press Enter to insert it in your program.

To view a full list of the code templates available for COBOL and to add new templates, click Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > COBOL > Editor > Templates.