COBOL Live Recording

Restriction: This feature is only supported on the following platforms:
  • Red Hat Linux (x86 and x64)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP2 (x64 only)

Additional restrictions apply. For details, see the Reverse Debug and Live Recording topic in the Known Issues and Restrictions section of this documentation.

Use a COBOL Live Recording debug configuration to debug a live recording file (.mfr file). Once the recording is loaded into the debugger, you can step forwards and backwards to follow the execution.

Unlike a conventional debug scenario, debugging a live recording file only allows you to step forwards/backwards through the path that the application took when it was recorded; you cannot change the execution path within the debug engine.

COBOL Project
The project to use while debugging.
Connection Properties
If your live recording file is located on a Visual COBOL Development Hub, specify the connection details.
Live Recording File
The name and location of a live recording file to debug.
Executables Location
The directory that contains the application executable files that were run to create the live recording file.
Source Files
The location of the application source files that were used to build the executables.
Debug Symbols
The location of the debug symbols (.idy) files that were generated when the executable files were built.