Validating an AWM Model

You can validate the AWM model that is open in the editor to ensure that all mandatory entries, such as ID, Special Property, and Type comply with rules. Such as checking that the sequence numbers used for the input parameters of a tool are unique.

To validate the model:

  1. Right-click in the AWM Model editor.
  2. Click Validate.

    If you have not saved the current model it opens the Save All Modified Resources dialog box. Click OK.

Note: If you start the validation from the context menu it only validates the nodes below the point you start the validation.

Alternatively, click Icon - validate to validate the entire model.

If a modeling error is found, a Validation Problems dialog box is displayed. Click Details for more information on the errors found. The error is also displayed in the Problems view. Double-clicking the problem highlights the relevant location in the model editor.

Objects that are defined in the model but are not used generate a validation warning.