Relationship: Element Has Get Children Action

Under the relationship "Element Has Get Children Action" an action descriptor can be modeled which returns the children elements of the selected element. If you expand an element in the Tree view, this action displays the next hierarchical level of elements.

The relationship "Element Has Get Children Action" can be provided with an enabled condition. The enabled condition determines whether the element will get an expanded arrow when shown in the Application Explorer view. The enabled condition should test if a "Has Children" property has the string value "true". As standard this "Has Children" property will be a linked property of a function package. The implementation of the linked "Has Children" property has to return for all linked element types provided by the function package whether an element of this element type has children or not.

For linked element types of the Eclipse function package the linked property "Has Children" should be used as property to test the existence of children. This linked property must be defined in the model as a property. The Resource Identifier of this property must reference the property identifying an Eclipse resource. The property must be defined as element type property of the element type for which the relationship "Element Has Get Children Action" is defined.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * ActionDescriptor The reference to the action descriptor.
ActionEnabledCondition EnabledCondition This condition should point to a property which determines if the selected element has children or not.