Using the Data File Editor

The Data File Editor is the editor in which to create, view, and edit data files of different organizations. This editor also provides comprehensive tools that enable you to filter on the records you require.

The Data File Editor is a multi-tabbed environment in which you can have one or more data files open at the same time, each in their own separate tab. Switching between tabs enables you to edit files simultaneously.

Files may be open either in 'shared mode', allowing other users to also open the file with a shared file locking permission, or 'exclusive mode' where only you have permission to edit the file. You will only be able to open the file in exclusive mode if no other user has the file open.

As an additional security measure, Data File Editor contains a timeout mechanism, where if the editor is left open and inactive for 30 minutes, you receive a warning to say that any open data files will be automatically closed after a further two minutes inactivity, unless you cancel the warning message. If you do not respond to the warning, any open data files are closed, and any unsaved edits are lost.