Accessing Procedural COBOL From Managed Code

There are different approaches to moving your existing applications to managed code.

Starting from scratch and rewriting existing procedural applications to managed COBOL is not recommended as it might be time-consuming and costly (and would mean more testing and more risk).

You can modernize your existing application without having to rewrite it. This is a safer approach and with it you preserve the existing procedural module that works well and create new managed parts that will reuse it. You have the flexibility of choosing the front-end application that will interact with the procedural module – a Web interface to access the functionality online, or a modern user interface to access the functionality on a tablet screen. As a result, your application will include a mixture of procedural and of Object-Oriented (OO) COBOL.

You could:

The following model shows what the architecture of your modernized application might look like:

With this model you: