Relationship: File Descriptor Has Property

In addition to creating and reading files, you can interpret and process the content of a file. File contents can also be linked with properties. This can be modeled using the File has Property relationship.

You can link file contents to properties only if the file has records with a defined structure. See the figure below.

Attribute Type Description
TargetID * Property References a property whose value is part of the structured file.
Label [O] String Labels table column if the file should be displayed in a table. If no label is stated, the name is used as a label.
Visible Boolean Determines if this property should be displayed as a column in a table view.  

The default value is true.

Editable Boolean Determines whether this table column is editable.

The attribute is used exclusively for the tools "Open Modeled Dialog" and "Execute ISPF Dialog", if the file descriptor is used as an input parameter and structure is "Table".

Editing a property in a table cell does not change any value outside the dialog, for example, it does not write the change back to a file, if the file descriptor describes a physical file, unless the table is part of an ISPF table dialog.

Note: A value changed in the table as part of an "Open Model Dialog" tool can be passed as output parameter to a subsequent tool.

Link between File Content and Properties

The file (black dashed framed) contains several records with a defined structure (Element name, User-ID, Date). These values can be processed further using Relationships to Properties (red dashed framed).