Directives for Profiler

You can use the following directives at the command line to control the behavior of the Profiler:

Outputs a full performance profile. If you do not set the ALL directive, no statistics are produced for sections or paragraphs that are not entered or PERFORMed.
Outputs performance statistics in alphabetical order by paragraph name. If you do not specify ALPHA, statistics are output in descending order of the total percentage time spent in each paragraph.
Specifies the page size in lines for the listing file. The minimum value you should specify is 6. The default size is 60 lines.
Specifies where the listing is to be produced.
If destination is not specified, then the output is sent to the console, with page headings and page throws omitted. The VERBOSE Profiler directive is also set automatically.
To write the output to a file, specify a destination which must be a path and a filename - for example, <path>\filename.txt or filename.txt.
If you do not set the LIST Profiler directive, then by default the output is produced in a file called filename.prf, where filename is the first name in the files listed on the command line.
Specifies whether Profiler messages are to be displayed on-screen. The default setting is NOVERBOSE, unless the LIST directive is set without a specified parameter, in which case VERBOSE is set automatically.
Allows lines in the Profiler output to be up to 131 characters wide. If the WIDE directive is not set, lines are truncated to 79 characters.