Troubleshooting Performance Issues

When your application is in a production environment and you discover it is not performing at the level it was when you recorded your benchmarking results, you need to perform a diagnosis to locate the problem.
Visual COBOL provides a number of tools that can help troubleshoot performance issues:
The Profiler tool
Profiler is a facility that enables you to obtain detailed statistics on the run-time performance of a COBOL program. If you used the Profiler during development, you can compare results, to pin-point potential bottlenecks.
The Consolidated Trace Facility
The Consolidated Tracing Facility (CTF) is a tracing infrastructure that enables you to produce diagnostic information of Micro Focus software components and your own programs.

There is also a detailed guide Enterprise and COBOL Product Troubleshooting Guide, that can help you set recommended tracing levels and interpret diagnostics. This guide can be downloaded from the Support Resources section of the SupportLine web site (