AWM Custom System

A Custom System enables you to dynamically add any AWM application to the Application Explorer view.

Micro Focus recommends that you load an AWM application from a Custom System during the applications development and testing phase. The only prerequisite for doing this is that the AWM model defining the application is located in a project within the IDE's workspace.

The whole application change workflow, which includes, load, edit, change, and reload, is directly supported from the context menu of the application under the Custom System.

You can create a Custom System in two ways:

  1. Right-click in the Application Explorer view, and then click Add System(s).
  2. Right-click an existing AWM model, and then click Load Model.

Once you have created a system you can add an AWM application from the system context menu.

This enables you to:

Once the application has been added to the Custom System it can be opened for editing.

Making changes to a loaded model requires you to reload the corresponding application. To reload the application, right-click the application, and then click Reload Application. If a model associated with a Custom System has changed and the application has not been reloaded then this is indicated by an asterisk (*) at the end of the application name.

To create a Custom System:

  1. Right-click in the Application Explorer view, and then click Add System(s).

    This opens the Add System(s) dialog box.

  2. Click Custom System in the Name column.
  3. Click OK.

    This opens the New Custom AWM System dialog box.

  4. In the System Name field, type a descriptive system name.
    • Optionally, to add an AWM application, click Next:
      1. In the Model Location field, type the absolute path to the model, or click Browse to use the Select Model dialog to select the location.
      2. In the Application Name field, type the name to be used.
  5. Click Finish.