Create, Write To, and Close an Indexed File

Now it's time to add the code that will create the indexed file, then write to it.
  1. On the first line of the procedure division (that is, before the sections you have just added), paste the following code:
          *> Create an indexed file
          *>   open output an indexed file call "idxfile.dat"
               display "Create new indexed file"
               perform set-fcd
               move OP-OPEN-OUTPUT to opcode
               perform call-file-handler
               perform display-file-status.

    This code performs the three sections that you coded in the previous steps. The operation code is set so that when call-file-handler is performed, the details in the FCD result in an indexed file, named idxfile.dat, is created.

  2. Beneath the previous code, paste the following:
          *> Write 5 records increasing record length by 1 each time
               move all "A" to record-data
               move 0 to record-key
               move 5 to fcd-current-rec-len
               move OP-WRITE to opcode
               perform 5 times
                  add 1 to record-key
                  add 1 to fcd-current-rec-len
                  perform call-file-handler

    This paragraph writes (using op-code OP-WRITE) five records to the open file.

  3. Beneath the previous code, paste the following:
          *> Now close the file
               move OP-CLOSE to opcode
               perform call-file-handler
               perform display-file-status
               display "file closed".

    Now the op-code changes to OP-CLOSE and the file is closed, and a file-status check is performed to confirm that the file has been closed successfully.

Now that you have created and populated an indexed file, the next steps demonstrate how to open it and update it.