Function Package

A function package installed in the IDE and used in an AWM model extends the model with additional functionality.

All tools to be used in the model must be derived from a function package. If no function package is installed, you would not be able to define a Tool Type.

A function package can provide the following AWM modeled objects:

Micro Focus provides the following function packages:

Function Package Description
AWM Provides AWM-specific features, such as "Open a Modeled Dialog".
Eclipse Provides native Eclipse functions, such as "Get Eclipse Projects".
ED Icons Provides Visual COBOL-specific action icons.
Micro Focus Editor Provides functions specific to the editor in Micro FocusVisual COBOL, such as "Reparse with Refresh".
Micro Focus Project Provides functions specific to Micro Focus projects, such as "Compile File".
OS Provides basic local operating system functions, such as "Execute OS Command".
SVN Provides Subversion-specific functions such as "SVN Commit".

The topic Preconditions describes which product and/or license must be installed to be able to use a specific function package.

Customers or third party companies can provide their own function packages by extending the AWM model extension point defined for this purpose.