Configuring Email Reporting

You can configure Jenkins so that it sends reports at the end of a build or a test, for example a report listing any test failures.

To configure Jenkins to send email notifications:

  1. Click Manage Jenkins in the Jenkins Home page.
  2. Click Configure System.
  3. Specify an SMTP server, any recipients and any other required details such as whether to always send an email or to only email about build failures - see the Extended E-mail Notification and E-mail Notification lists.

To enable email notifications for a project:

  1. Navigate to the configuration area of your project.
  2. In the Post-build Actions section, click Add post-build action.
  3. Add Editable Email Notification and E-mail Notification and specify a recipient email and other settings as required.
  4. For the Editable Email Notification, click Advanced and configure email as well as what triggers it (such as when a certain failure has occurred).