Setting Compiler Directives in an .mfdirset File

Any Compiler directives set at the project settings or build configuration level are written to a .mfdirset file, which is located in the projects .settings folder. If the directives are set at the folder or file level then these are written to an .mfdirset file located in a .settings folder in the corresponding folder. The .mfdirset file is prefixed with a language identifier:

Language .mfdirset file prefix
Assembler .asm
BMS .bms
COBOL .cbl
DBD .dbd
PSB .psb
MFS .mfs

For example, COBOL directives would be stored in a .cbl.mfdirset file.

Note: Micro Focus recommends that you add any .mfdirset that are part of your project to your source code control system.