Example 2 Export file and import file with XSLT stylesheets

This program first writes (or exports) an XML document file from the content of a COBOL data item. Then the program reads (or imports) the same XML document and places the content in the same COBOL data item.

This example is almost identical to Example 1 Export file and import file. However, an external XSLT stylesheet is used to transform the exported document into a different format. Similarly, when the document is imported, an external XSLT stylesheet is used to reformat the document into the form that is expected by COBOL. For more information on stylesheets, see XSLT stylesheet files.

This example uses the following XML statements:

Note: In this example, the XML EXPORT FILE and XML IMPORT FILE statements each contain an additional parameter: the name of the external XSLT stylesheet being used for the transformation.