Moves the virtual cursor to the specified line and column on the screen.
Restriction: This function is supported for native COBOL only.


#include "cobscreen.h"

void cobmove (int y, int x);


y The line number to move the virtual cursor to
x The column number to move the virtual cursor to


The virtual cursor as used by the routines in this section is moved to the line and column values as specified by the y and x parameters.

The virtual cursor home position of the top left-hand corner is (0,0), that is, a y value of 0 and an x value of 0. The virtual cursor is thread-local, that is, each thread has its own virtual cursor.

Equivalent COBOL Syntax:

call "CBL_PUT_SCR_POS" using ... 


The following code displays a simple counter:

int secs = 10;
char *message = "Time Left: ";

cobmove(10, 10);
cobprintf("%s%d", message, secs);
while (secs--)
    cobmove(10, 10 + strlen(message));
    cobprintf("%2d", secs);