Special Operation Codes - Overview

Special operation codes contain x"00" in the most significant byte. The least significant byte indicates the specific operation.

File Information Returns general file information for all file organizations with headers and, for indexed files, information on the file keys in the form of the Key Definition Block.
Get Next Record Gets the next physical record from the data file part of an indexed file.
Add Key Value Adds a key value to the index file part of an indexed file.
Re-index File Re-indexes the file using a supplied key definition block.
Flush File Flushes all data for a specific file to disk.
Unlock Record Unlocks a specific record in a file.

Not all operation codes are appropriate with all file organizations. Each operation code description includes a list of the file organizations for which it is valid, using the following key:

L Line sequential
S Record sequential (including vS)
R Relative (including vR)
I Indexed
vS Record sequential variable format only
vR Relative variable format only