The ACCEPT Statement

General Formats for Format 1

The following format of the ACCEPT statement is supported under DIALECT"RM":

Syntax Rules for Format 1

  1. Identifier-3, identifier-6 and identifier-7, if specified, must be integer identifiers. Literal-2, literal-5 and literal-6, if specified, must be integer literals.
  2. Literal-6 must be a single character.
  3. identifier-9 must be defined as PIC9(9) BINARY(4).

General Rules for Format 1

  1. In order for the ACCEPT statement to properly emulate RM/COBOL behavior, it will be necessary to use the ADISCF utility to enable the RM/COBOL configuration (RM2VCOB). Follow the tutorial Configuring Your Application for Eclipse for more details.

  2. This format is treated as equivalent to Format 5 of the ACCEPT statement as described in the section The ACCEPT Statement, but multiple operands are allowed.