The DISPLAY Statement

Mnemonic-names associated with the implementor-names ARGUMENT-NUMBER, ENVIRONMENT-NAME and ENVIRONMENT-VALUE are supported as described in the section The Special-Names Paragraph.

Mnemonic-name may be associated with one of the following implementor-names: CONSOLE, PRINTER, PRINTER01 - PRINTER99, SYSOPT, TERMINAL, job-variable-name (BS2000 job variable).

Job-variable-names only work when the BS/2000 add-on is present to provide the necessary run-time support.

A mnemonic-name associated with CONSOLE, SYSOPT or TERMINAL specifies that the data is to be written to the system operator console.

A mnemonic-name associated with PRINTER or PRINTER01 - PRINTER99 specifies that the data is to be written to the printer.

A mnemonic-name associated with a job-variable-name references a job variable which has a maximum record length of 256 characters. If the total number of characters in the sending operands exceeds the maximum record length, the record will be truncated to the maximum length.