The ACCEPT Statement

General Rules

Note: In some environments, such as a Japanese EUC environment, special actions or behavior may occur.
  1. In Format 1, both SBCS and DBCS data can be entered. SBCS data is not converted to DBCS data.

    In a Format 1 ACCEPT of an NCHAR-EDITED data item, there is no validation, conversion or character alignment of the data that you enter. As a result, the data might be corrupted. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use this method, or use it with caution.

    In Formats 4 and 5, both single-byte and double-byte characters are valid characters to be entered into an NCHAR data item. However single-byte characters are converted to their double-byte equivalent.

    All normal editing features are supported for the ACCEPT of NCHAR data items (backspace, retype, delete, restore, overtype and insert) on a character by character basis.