Local-Storage Section

A separate copy of the Local-Storage Section is created each time the runtime element is activated and exists only during the lifetime of that activation. The Local-Storage Section is provided specifically for use in functions, methods and recursive calls.

The Local-Storage Section is composed of the section header, followed by data description entries for noncontiguous data items and/or record description entries. Each Local-Storage Section record-name and noncontiguous item-name should be unique since it cannot be qualified. Subordinate data-names need not be unique if they can be made unique by qualification. The syntax of data description entries is defined in the topic File Description Entry Skeleton.

Provided no reference is made to a given data-name or record-name, it need not be unique by qualification.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. The EXTERNAL clause is not allowed.
  2. The GLOBAL clause is not allowed.
  3. The syntax CALL ... USING local-data-item is permitted.
  4. The syntax ENTRY ... USING local-data-item is not permitted.
  5. The syntax PROCEDURE DIVISION ... USING local-data-item is not permitted.
  6. The presence of a Local-Storage Section in a program implicitly sets the recursive attribute, even if the section does not have any records. For more information, see the section Common, Initial, and Recursive Attributes in the chapter Language Fundamentals.

General Rules

  1. The DEFAULTBYTE compiler directive does not apply to items declared within the Local-Storage Section.
  2. The VALUE clause initializes data items as described in the topic The VALUE clause.