The Data-name or FILLER Clause

A data-name specifies the name of the data being described. The word FILLER can be used to specify an elementary item of the logical record that cannot be referred to explicitly.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. The data-name or FILLER clause

    ANS85 , if specified,

    must be the first word following the level-number in a data description entry.

General Rules

  1. The key word FILLER can be used to name an elementary item or group in a record. Under no circumstances can a FILLER item be referred to explicitly. However, a data item defined with the key word FILLER can be used as a conditional variable because such use does not require explicit reference to the FILLER item but only to the value contained therein.
  2. ANS85 If this clause is omitted, the data item being described is treated as though FILLER had been specified.