The Date-Compiled Paragraph

The Date-Compiled paragraph provides the date the intermediate code was produced in the Identification Division source program listing.

General Format



  1. In addition to Compiler directives which provide flagging and modify the reserved word list, the following directives may impact either the syntax or semantics described in this section.
    • DATE - impacts the format in which the date is printed in this paragraph.

Syntax Rules

  1. The comment-entry can be any combination of the characters from the computer's character set. The continuation of the comment entry by use of the hyphen is not permitted; however, the comment entry can be contained on one or more lines. The comment-entry lines must be contained in area B. The next line commencing in area A will begin the next non-comment paragraph.

General Rules

  1. The paragraph-name DATE-COMPILED causes your COBOL system to insert a date comment-entry as the executable code is created. If a Date-Compiled paragraph is present (with or without a comment-entry), the paragraph is replaced in the program listing with one of the form:
     DATE-COMPILED. current-date-and-time .

    where the date and time format is DD-MMM-YY hh:mm .

    The DATE Compiler directive can impact the comment-entry replacement string for your COBOL implementation.

    ANS85  The value inserted in the Date-Compiled paragraph is also the value used in the WHEN-COMPILED intrinsic function. However, the format can differ.