The Report Description Entry

The RD entry names a report, specifies any identifying characters to be appended to each print line in the report and describes the physical structure and organization of that report.

ANS85  It also determines whether a report-name is a local name or a global name.

General Format


Syntax Rules

  1. Report-name-1 must appear in one and only one REPORT clause.
  2. The order of appearance of the clauses following report-name-1 is immaterial.
  3. Report-name-1 is the highest permissible qualifier that can be specified for LINE-COUNTER, PAGE-COUNTER, and all data-names defined in the report section.

General Rules

  1. The CODE clause, the CONTROL clause, and the PAGE clause are resented in alphabetical order below.
  2. ANS85  If the RD entry contains the GLOBAL clause, the special registers LINE-COUNTER and PAGE-COUNTER are global names.