To Install a CCSID Translation Table

Note: To complete this task, you must have administrator privileges to the Visual COBOL installation directory.
  1. If a ccsid directory does not already exist in the etc sub-directory of your installation directory, create one.
  2. In a Web browser, download the IBM CCSID translation tables file from and extract it to the ccsid directory.
  3. Use the tabindex.txt file (located in the file) to identify the package number and filename for each CCSID translation table you need to install.
  4. Within the ccsid directory, create a sub-directory for each table you want to install, using the name of the CCSID translation table filename, specified in the tabindex.txt file, as the directory name.
  5. For each CCSID that you want to install, open its corresponding file (as specified in tabindex.txt) and extract the files from the appropriate CCSID .zip file to the corresponding directory you created in the previous step.


To install a CCSID translation table to convert Spanish to USA English, create a sub-directory under ccsid named 011C01B5, and then extract the contents of\ to the 011C01B5 sub-directory.