Configure Adis Support for RM/Panels

After importing the Adis configuration file, you must configure it to handle the enhanced ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements in a way that RM/Panels is expecting it to.

Visual COBOL ships with a version of Adis that contains a configuration intended for applications that include RM/Panels syntax.

  1. Using a  Visual COBOL command or shell prompt, navigate to the project directory (that is, the directory containing ADISCTRL).
  2. Enter ADISCF.

    The adiscf.exe window appears.

  3. Press F6, then ensure that the RM-Panels configuration is selected.

  4. Press Esc twice to exit.
    Note: if you are prompted to exit without saving, press N, F4, then Esc twice again.
  5. To verify the correct build properties are set for Adis:
    1. In Solution Explorer, right-click ADISCTRL and select Properties.

      The properties for the file appear in the Properties pane.

    2. Ensure that:
      • Build Action is set to None.
      • Copy to Output Directory is set to Copy if newer.
    3. Repeat these steps and set the same properties for qdemo.lib.
  6. Click File > Save All to save the project.
The next step is to configure the IDE so that it recognizes the appropriate copybooks.