To search in the CTF Viewer

  1. Right-click in the CTF Viewer.
  2. Click Find.
  3. Enter your search string in the Find field, using the normal search features.
  4. Click Find.
  • You can use only Find capabilities and not Replace ones, since the trace file is loaded as a read-only file.
  • When you search for a text string, each row in the viewer is treated as a single text string, with each column in a row separated by a single space character. For example, a row with the following information is treated as a single text string for searching purposes:
    12:17:35.630 COBOL Runtime System 504 Library Load 0 0 C:\nx50\Base\BIN\UTILS.lbr
  • You can also use Find from the Edit menu.
  • You can use keys for Find next (Ctrl+K) and Find previous (Shift+Ctrl+K).