Conflict With the x"B0" COBOL System Library Routine

The x"B0" COBOL system library routine is an alternative method of defining function keys. It is not supported under UNIX and some other environments. However, we recommend that you use the method of detecting function keys defined in the section Detecting Adis Function Keys, rather than the x"B0" routine.

In general, you can use the x"B0" routine to define function keys which terminate an ACCEPT operation. However, there is one limitation. If you use x"B0", the carriage return key must be mapped on to the terminate ACCEPT function. This is the default for this product. If you change the mapping of carriage return or use a configuration that changes the mapping (such as Microsoft COBOL V2.2 or IBM COBOL 1.0 compatibility), then any key set up by the x"B0" call does not terminate the ACCEPT operation. Instead, it performs the function that carriage return has been mapped onto.